Iowa's best selection of annuals, perennials, succulents, vegetables and herbs.

Annuals and Perennials

Whether you are interested in container planting or filling landscape beds, we offer a complete selection of quality-grown plants. We grow over 4000 hanging baskets, as well as unique tropicals, natives, succulents, hostas, roses and hydrangeas.


The succulent craze is here and we are on top of it with over 75 different varieties of Crassula, Echeveria, Portulaca, Sedum, Mangave, Kalanchoe, Aeonium, Graptopetalum and many more!


Our veggie selection includes more than 60 different varieties of tomato plants; many heirloom varieties and over 50 different kinds of pepper plants. To ensure the best quality and health all our vegetables are grown on site. Our vegetable plant selection is the largest in central Iowa. For the culinary gardener our herb selection is  extensive for your summer grilling and fall harvest cooking. 

Heirloom Seeds

We are proud to offer seeds from Seed Saver's Exchange in Decorah, Iowa. Stop in to see our summer garden  selection of vegetable, herb & flower heirloom seeds.   Plant a vegetable garden with your family today and sow the seeds for a  bountiful harvest.

Flowering Shrubs and Roses

Shrubs create year round structure and winter interest in the garden.   We have beautiful flowering shrubs and  Iowa winter-hearty roses. 


We use a non chemical method to control pest populations. Basically we use beneficial insects to control the bad insects. The goal of IPM is not to necessarily eradicate or eliminate pests, but to strengthen and stabilize the ecosystem so that conditions are favorable for plants and unfavorable for pests.   WE DO NOT USE NEONICTINOIDS! 


We have our own special blend, custom made for your container planting with good water retention and good drainage.  Your plants will thrive all season!   


We grow more than 50 different kinds of peppers including the The Lou DeMarco pepper; a spicy Italian thin skinned pepper.  Great for backyard grilling! 


We carry a wide collection of carefully chosen containers;  including Terracotta, earth friendly pots made from recycled fibers, drop in coco liners, steel coated baskets, troughs and cradles. Pottery from America, Germany, Italy and Asia fill the shelves.